Logistical Support

Qualified logistical support for remote operations removes the distraction of project management for your staff and allows them to focus on the job they were brought there to do.  Discovery Mining Services’ (DMS) logistical support is the right choice for any project where reliability and efficiency are top priorities. Our field personnel will keep your program on schedule and under budget so that your resources can be directed towards the project at hand. We provide:

  • On-site logistics and camp managers with years of experience and a commitment to safety.
  • Off-site logistical support personnel, available 24/7.
  • Recruitment and staffing of camp-support personnel from the local area, including managers, maintenance staff, cooks, and laborers.
  • Camp construction planning and management for camps of all sizes.
  • Financial management of purchasing.
  • Management of freight transport, whether by air, ground or water.
  • Comprehensive cost comparison of transport options and required materials.

For more information on DMS Logistical Support services, contact us directly.