Camp Rentals & Construction

Discovery Mining Services (DMS) specializes in constructing portable and flyable all-weather exploration camps in the most remote sites in Canada – from Newfoundland to Saskatchewan, from Northern Ontario to Northern Alberta, from Baffin Island in Nunavut to Banks Island in the Northwest Territories. With over 28 years in operation, DMS is Canada’s most experienced remote camp provider. We provide:

  • Planning, cost-comparison, mobilization, and construction of remote camps.
  • Tailored camp sizes, from one to 30 tents or two to 150 persons, from those suitable for portable early-stage grassroots programs to those suitable for large-scale drilling, sampling, and geophysical work.
  • All needed amenities including complete kitchens, shower tents, offices, sleepers, and core logging tents.
  • Lightweight, and portable tents and equipment, with the ability to be broken down to fit in a Twin Otter or in the back of a truck.
  • Complete communication systems, with both voice and internet capabilities.
  • Construction crews with years of experience working in the most remote locations in Canada under the most difficult conditions, including relentless weather and challenging terrain. All crews are trained in firearm safety, first aid and wildlife management.
  • Other trained personnel available as needed:
    • Cooks
    • Level 3 first aid personnel
    • Project supervisors
    • Camp managers and camp operations staff
    • Registered paramedics and first responders
    • Heavy equipment operators
  • Other equipment available as needed:
    • Dual-Chamber Certified Incinerators – Offered in a wide range of models for camp sizes from 10 to 100 personnel. Key features of these units include a large top-opening lid for easy loading, stainless steel flue, low fuel consumption, and easy on-site installation.
    • All-terrain Vehicles Polaris and Yamaha quads, and Tundra 600 long track snow machines and sleighs.

For more information on DMS Camp Rental & Construction services, contact us directly.