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Discovery Mining Services management team is dedicated to providing our clients the best in planning, strategy, cost and organization. We are committed to giving the support your program needs to succeed. Our 24/7 operation is designed to keep our clients comfortable and confident knowing there is knowledgeable and reliable sources at our end at all times.
We provide the following expediting requirements as per the client’s needs:

• Provide daily field support and expediting for all exploration camps for both summer and winter operation
• Loading and unloading of all Aircraft types from the Cessna 185 to the c-130 Hercules aircraft
• Loading and unloading of all trucks from ½ ton vehicles to 48ft. trailer loads
• Organization and shipping of freight via Ice roads as well as bar and sea lift
• On call 24/7 phone
• Project planning, cost comparison, project management and implementation
• Receiving, warehousing, packaging and transport of materials and equipment
• In-house freight manifesting system that will trace and track all freight received and shipped
• Receiving, sorting, documenting and shipping of all samples
• Handling and shipping of IATA dangerous goods shipments as per Canadian regulations
• Handling and disposal of Hazardous waste as per Canadian regulations

Over the last twenty one years DMS has organized, loaded and unloaded over 35,000 aircraft. We are very knowledgeable about aircraft (both fixed wing and rotary), their capabilities and the various loading and payload options and have worked with the following aircraft on a regular basis.

Cessna Caravan Lockheed C-130 Hercules Douglas DC 4 and Curtis C46
Lockheed Electra DE Havilland Dash 7 and Dash 8 Boeing 737
DE Havilland Twin Otter DE Havilland Buffalo Boeing 767

During the Heavy Lift Ice Strip season of 2012 Discovery Mining Services Ltd. loaded and dispatch over 220 Hercules Aircraft and 200 DE Havilland Buffalo during a seven week window. A total of over 14 million pounds of heavy equipment, fuel, camp supplies and drills were successful received, loaded and unloaded at the receiving end without any incidences. Discovery Mining Services Ltd. is a leader in the industry when large volumes of freight need to be moved to remote locations doing it efficiently and safe all the time.