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Camp Rentals & Construction

Over the last 21 years Discovery Mining Services Ltd. has been providing and constructing remote, portable and flyable all weather exploration camps that can accommodate from 2 to 80 people. These camps have been constructed in the most remote sites in Canada from the east coast of Newfoundland to Nunavut’s Baffin Island, Banks Island in the NWT and the northern reaches of Manitoba, Ontario, Alberta and Saskatchewan. We are simply the most experienced remote camp providers in Canada.

    • Full planning, cost comparison, mobilization and construction of remote camps from the boardroom to the field. (we will take the worry out of your hands)
    • Provision of complete rental camps that range in size from portable early stage grassroots programs to more advanced camps that can accommodate larger crews for drilling, sampling and geophysical work.
    • Provision of camps that range from one tent to thirty tents as the project dictates.
    • Amenities in these camps include all the requirements from complete kitchens, dry/shower tents, offices, sleepers and core logging tents.
    • All our camps can be broken down to fit in a Twin Otter or in the back of a truck, all lightweight and very portable.
    • These camps can come with a complete communication system as per your requirements covering both voice and internet specifications.
    • Construction crews that have a minimum of 15 years experience working in the most extreme locations in Canada under the most adverse weather and transport challenges.
    • Construction crews that come prepared with the knowledge and tools to get the job done right, are trained in firearm safety, first aid and wildlife management.
    • From Weatherports to Jutlands to Weatherhavens, our inventory is extensive and covers all the environmental and geographical challenges.
    • Carrying in inventory of helicopter -
    slingable, orange 8 X 8 emergency drill shelters.