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Custom Services

Our success is based on the success of our customers.
We will provide high-quality camp services on-time and at competitive prices.

When quoting a camp rental price, we always use a pencil; we work with the client throughout their project and adjust accordingly. Camp requirements that looked good on paper from the office may change once boots are on the ground.

We also keep our plans and schedules written with a pencil. If a drill breaks down Friday afternoon at 4:00 your weekend plans just changed. We are our client’s main point of assistance, and they are always counting on us to get things up and running again.

Discovery’s core strength is our experience, ability and willingness to respond 24/7 to meet our client’s needs.

In 2008 Discovery provided a wide range of services to over 100 clients. These clients required logistics, service, and expediting to their 39 camps and an additional 42 rental camps. Camps ranged in size from 2-21 tents accommodating up to 48 people.

Our professional staff is always pleased to handle any aspect of your project to ensure it is safe and efficient.

Providing various services to diverse markets:

    • Mining Exploration
    • Mineral Development
    • Mine Operations
    • Environmental Reclamation
    • Government Departments
    • Oil and Gas Exploration
    • Recreation

Please do not hesitate to call, write, fax or e-mail with further inquiries regarding our services, for both personal and commercial needs. Or better yet, drop into our office where we will be happy to assist you.
The coffee is always on!

Each client receives the same exceptional customer service, but gets treated as if they were our only client.

In peak seasons we average 6 flights a day, everyday, with an approximate total of 25,000 lbs of freight.

Discovery is able to provide our clients with an accurate and realistic budget, from fixed wing and helicopter costs, to the camp construction, to rental and operation. We take pride in our ability to provide budget numbers that reflect accurately, the true cost of a program.

We are able to provide a complete accounting of all expenses in any form as required by each individual company. The client advises us how they want to see the numbers.