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Discovery Mining Services opened for business in April of 1991 and incorporated as Discovery Mining Services Ltd. in 1992.

The partner ship of Rod Brown and Malcolm McLean has grown progressively since then to meet the needs of our clients.

ROD BROWN - B.Sc. Geology, was the past President of Discovery Mining Services. A lifelong resident of Yellowknife, Rod brings experience as an exploration geologist as well as experience as an expeditor. Prior to founding Discovery Mining Services, Rod worked as an expeditor with PCL Northern. He was responsible for the organization, manifesting and loading of over 1600 DC–3 flights and over 400 Hercules and Electra flights during the construction phases of the Neptune Mines at Colomac. After the construction, Rod was Chief expeditor for Neptune Resources for the Colomac Mine, which included organizing and transporting all supplies as well as ticket and crew verification of three weekly crew changes for a crew of 500 at the remote mine site.

MALCOLM MCLEAN – offers a diverse background of construction and repair, as well as solid business management skills and experience from managing his own business interests. He has built complete exploration and drill camps in remote locations, both in the Northwest Territories and northern Newfoundland. This has included assembly and prefabrication of camp and materials in Yellowknife as well as the logistics for transportation and mobilizations of the camp to a remote location. A problem solver and troubleshooter, Malcolm enjoys a challenge. He is a lifelong resident of Yellowknife.

In 2008 Discovery Mining Services was sold to Discovery Air.