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Logistical Support

We feel that providing qualified logistical support for exploration programs allows the geologist to concentrate on geology and not project management. The value we bring to a program in cost savings, on time performance and reliability as experienced logistic and field personnel will keep the program on schedule, under budget and direct the savings into work on the ground were it is meant to go. Our logistics services are as follows:

    • Provide on site experienced, safety orientated and qualified logistic and camp managers
    • Provide financial management of all purchases made on the clients behalf
    • Advanced planning and most cost effective transport options for all modes of freight movement by either air, ground or water as the project dictates
    • Recruitment and staffing of camp support personnel from local sources (managers, maintenance, cooks, laborers)
    • Provide experienced logistical support from town
    • Full planning, mobilization and construction of remote camps from the boardroom to the field
    • Complete transport cost comparison of all options available for the clients projects from initial mobilization to demobilization
    • Sourcing and price comparison of materials required for the clients project as is dictated by the project type and size
    • Our logistic managers have the ability to adapt to the changing scope and needs of any field program as it progresses forward